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We are experts for sales-enhancing communication in the field of renewable energy. Or, in short: We are the wind in your sails.


We will direct you toward your wind industry clients – taking the best and most exciting route.

The whole wind market in your back pocket

In over ten years on the market, Nölting GmbH has accumulated comprehensive expertise in the international wind energy sector and is in a position to successfully support companies’ sales and marketing activities. We help businesses conduct market research and analyses to identify the appropriate sales channels or expand existing ones, coach their staff members, and ensure optimal placement of their services and products. One of our core competences is creating trade show concepts and developing special formats, while guaranteeing their implementation on the basis of our close cooperation with our partners. At the sime time, digital marketing and lead generation are becoming ever more critical. How about a digital sales representative working for you 24/7, every single day of the year?

Our Partners

WindEnergy, WindEurope, Husum Wind, Windenergietage, windmesse.de, wind-turbine.com

Benefit from our expertise and extensive network
We rely on our contacts and in-depth market knowledge, and cultivate an excellent network at both the national and international level. Backed by more than 20 years of sales experience, the activities in our network are handled by Senior Consultants. This guarantees top-tier quality for our clients.

We provide creative solutions and ensure their implementation
Our approach to concept development is based on thinking ‘outside of the box’, as it is our objective to create something new. We have successfully raised brand awareness and name recognition for a wide range of clients. This includes innogy SE’s visitor orientation system at “Windenergietage” in Warnemünde, the boxing ring setting for the expert talk on tenders at “Husum Wind”, the Schöller SI Lounge at “WindEnergy Hamburg” as a forum for personal conversations with senior executives, or the ever-popular ABO-Wind waffle stand, which never fails to attract the event attendees.
Our own long-standing expert format, The BLUE®, has appeared in different variations at relevant wind industry shows and has gained an excellent reputation and broad acceptance.


By continuously reinventing ourselves, we hone our core competencies:

We are experts.

We are networkers.

We are trend-setters.

We are creative minds.

We are hands-on strategists.

Service — Strategic Consulting

How can I enhance my sales potential?

We will provide you with an expert analysis

We support companies in developing distribution and service strategies to define their unique selling proposition, distinguish them as experts, and ensure optimal placement of the right products and services in the appropriate arena. This has proven to boost our clients’ sales. The process begins with an analysis of the market and the conditions for market entry, and provides the basis for developing a strategy. We utilize existing information or assist with collecting new data. We aim to unlock synergies in sales and marketing and work with our clients to devise a suitable concept for brand building and development. With our sales expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market, we are able to accurately assess opportunities and risks. Our goal is to jointly develop – by way of workshops and/or briefings – a suitable strategy which will ensure that your business is optimally positioned.


»We work with Nölting because they have a thorough understanding of the core themes, ‘vision, mission, strategy’, and create outstanding solutions to define and implement them.«

Willi Schöller Chief Executive Officer, Schöller SI

»We work with Nölting because they develop amazing customized concepts and implement them perfectly, and collaborating with them is simply a joy!«

Marcus Neumann Team Lead Cooperations, RWE Renewables

»We work with Nölting because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and implementations which you would have never considered become possible. These might even be a bit far out, or simply surprising.«

Katrin Splawski Senior Project Manager Events & Sponsoring, RWE Renewables

»We work with Nölting because together, we can ensure optimal placement for the exhibitors at the world’s leading wind industry show. Time and again, Nölting gives us creative and dependable support as a partner for special sponsoring formats for domestic and international customers of WindEnergy Hamburg.«

Anja Holinsky Project Director WindEnergy, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

»We work with Nölting because we find that our needs regarding the various appearances at wind industry events are always fully understood and addressed with fitting concepts. We like the attention to detail – from the planning phase all the way to implementation. The Nölting team puts the agreed steps into action, meticulously and with great organizational skill, and the net result is that we achieve our intended positive impact and visibility at the respective event.«

Heiko Bieber Head of Business Development, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

»We work with Nölting because we share the philosophy and the approach of proactively supporting the marketing activities of wind industry customers and are happy to complement this with our specialist expertise in B2B marketing and platform business.«

Bernd Weidmann Managing Director, WIV GmbH and Founder of wind-turbine.com

»We work with Nölting because we have been developing creative formats for “Windenergietage” together since 2012 and have successfully accessed new customer segments.«

Harald Düring Managing Director, Spreewind GmbH. Organizer Windenergietage

Service — Implementation Concepts

How do I create a successful distribution and marketing concept?

We will make (almost) anything possible to let you shine

Our workshops and modules are the place where we collaborate with our clients to find solutions for specific needs and create concepts to deal with individual issues, or focus on a comprehensive approach. We offer workshops in sales and marketing in which we develop a strategy to position the right products and services in the appropriate market. We will advise you on your external image and visibility, and customize the corporate design to convey the essence of your enterprise, tied in with public relations support for optimal representation of your competence in the relevant media. Specialist trade shows and industry gatherings are of particular significance in that they provide opportunities to reach out directly to potential customers. We develop event concepts and expo booth concepts that are creative and viable. Based on our extensive international network and good relations with organizers, we can ensure trouble-free execution and also have the possibility of implementing new formats.


THE BLUE® — Tomorrow’s ‘Green’
We are fully committed to the goal of transforming the energy system and will put our expertise to work for your business – 100%.

Service — Lead Generation Concepts

How do I find suitable sales channels?

Our joint objective: Finding and reaching your customers

The digital transformation has made considerable inroads into the areas of renewable energy and distribution. How do I find a suitable service provider, where the right product, where can I sell my services and products? Today, ‘digital employees’ – in the form of online platforms – are at work around the clock. We identify the appropriate B2B online sales markets for our clients, advise on cooperation, and develop door-opener concepts to tap into the relevant markets. Networking in the online as well as the offline domain is critical to achieving the best results. We devise integrated concepts which combine both, and therefore our consultancy also focuses on maintaining a presence at international trade shows and conventions, providing our clients with an opportunity to showcase their specialist knowledge in our own THE BLUE expert formats which have garnered considerable attention and acceptance.

Implementation concepts

Strategic consulting

Lead generation concepts

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